Monarch butterfly larva on young milkweed plant

My research deals with the environmental effects of GMO crop plants. Much of this has focused on the monarch butterfly. Earlier work examined whether pollen from Bt corn had detrimental effects on larvae of monarch butterflies. More recently we have looked at the effect on the monarch butterfly population of the loss of milkweeds in agricultural fields due to use of Roundup herbicide with Roundup-Ready corn and soybeans. Another project examined the potential for gene flow from GM cotton grown in Hawaii to the native Hawaiian cotton species.


Carpenter bee on native Hawaiian cotton

I teach primarily introductory level biology courses. I have developed completely on-line versions of 3 courses, Biology 211 (first semester of core sequence for life science majors), Biology 101 (non-majors general biology) and Biology 173 (non-majors environmental biology). I also teach a seminar called “Ethical Eating”.


Monarch butterfly on native Hawaiian cotton

I serve as a Faculty Senator, I am on the Executive Board of the ISU chapter of AAUP, serve on the executive committee of the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, and I am a member of the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture Curriculum Committee.